Races of the Alliance

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At one point in the course of Barsk: The Elephants' Graveyard we are told the Alliance is composed of some eighty-seven different races. It's not clear if this number is definitive, or just a near estimate (e.g., are the Fant counted as one in this score or are the Eleph and Lox being counted separately? Similar questions exist for some of the other races). Moreover, we only meet a small subset of these races in the course of the novel, so this is clearly not an exhaustive list.

Ailuros, Ailuropoda, Giant Panda.

Aplodon, Aplodontia, Mountain Beaver.

Bos, Bos, Yak.

Brady, Bradypus, Three-toed Sloth.

Cans, Canis, Domestic Dog.

Cynomy, Cynomys, Prairie Dog.

Eleph, Elephas, Asian Elephant.

Feln, Felis, Cat.

Geom, Geomys, Gopher.

Lep, Lepus, Hare.

Lox, Loxodonta, African Elephant.

Lutr, Lutra, Eurasian Otter.

Marmo, Marmot, Groundhog.

Myrm, Myrmecophaga, Giant Anteater.

Nonyx, Acinonyx, Cheetah.

Taxi, Taxidea, Badger.

Theraonca, Panthera onca, Jaguar.

Vulp, Vulpes, Fox.

Urs, Ursus, Bear.