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What is this?

This wiki exists to serve the fictional universe created by Lawrence M. Schoen for his book, Barsk: The Elephants' Graveyard, published by Tor Books in late December of 2015. As other stories and novels from this universe are released to the public, their details will be added to the wiki as well.


Entries are currently being glossed into sub-category pages which can be found via one of the main category pages shown below. Please drill down to the logical level and see if there's already a link to your topic before creating a new one.

Try to be specific without slipping in too many spoilers.

Most of all, thanks!

Main Category Pages

Who - People, Groups, etc.

What - Objects, Devices, Phenomena, etc.

Where - Places big and small

Numbers - Bits and pieces of things that can be counted

Meta - Real world details touch on the universe

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