Islands of Barsk

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Barsk is primarily a water-world. Its sole continent lies at the south pole and is uninhabitable. Its only livable land consists of two chains of islands that lie south of the equator and cover approximately a fifth of that hemisphere, referred to by the inhabitants as the "western archipelago" and the "eastern archipelago."

The islands of these archipelagos vary tremendously in shape and size, the smallest little more than a twentieth the size of the largest. Each is within a day's journey to at least one other, and most maintain regular traffic with their neighbors throughout the daylight hours.

The islands of Barsk generally possess little beachfront, most of each is covered by an ancient rainforest made up of a variety of meta-trees, likely the planet's natural dominant life form. The Fant are relative newcomers to the world, and build their cities high in these trees, designating this area as the "Civilized Wood."

Although there are many many separate islands across the two archipelagos, the list below contains those which are named in the novel:

Belp | Emmt | Gerd | Kelpry | Keslo

Phran | Relfa | Telba | Yargo | Zlorka