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Countable Things

2 different species of Fant — Eleph and Lox.

6 spheres — a reference to the colonization efforts of the Caudex.

7 moons of Barsk — Pemma, Nita, Telko, Ulmazh, and Wella are the only ones mentioned as of Book II.

57 alephs awarded (Margda was 1, Jorl was 56, a fishmongerwas 57)

80 worlds hosted Fant communities prior to the founding of Barsk.

85 other sentient races in the Alliance.

87 known sentient races in the galaxy.

4000 (approximately) inhabited worlds of the Alliance.

100,000 (approximately) Speakers produced on Barsk.

150,000 (approximately) Speakers produced on worlds of the Alliance other than Barsk.

5,500,000 — approximate population of the planet of Barsk.

100,000,000 — approximate number of nefshon threads in the current version of the Caudex index.