Moons of Barsk

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Seven natural satellites orbit Barsk, as well an artificial station located in fixed position at the top of a space elevator above the planet's only island on the equator. At the time of the writing of the novel, the names of only three of the moons have been mentioned.

Pemma: the second smallest of the moons. Pemma was the third one Pizlo saw, and the moon which (he claims) instructed him to stowaway aboard a cargo pod and travel up to the orbiting space station.

Telko: the largest of the moons. This was Pizlo’s fourth moon, seen from the viewport of the orbiting station.

Wella: the smallest of the moons, it has a more oblate shape, heavier in its bottom half than top. Pizlo believes he will see this moon during the season of Dark in the next year following the end of the novel. For reasons that are unknown to this author, Wella is always referred to as having a masculine aspect.